Open West

May 7th through 9th I’ll be in Orem, Utah at the Open West Conference. I will be giving 3 talks during the conference. “Human Interface Guidelines: For Dummies”, “Playgrounds: A Swift Introduction” and “Introduction to FPDF”. As I give these talks I’ll update this post with the slides/files.

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Playgrounds: A Swift Introduction

This evening I was given the opportunity to speak at Mobile DC to present on Playgrounds and the Swift programming language. I explained what Swift was and how Playgrounds can be used to help development in it. I provided a live-demo of using a Playground to make a UIView, then we created a fairly simple implementation of XKCD’s Geohashing.

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Human Interface Guidelines: For Dummies

Tonight I spoke at Baltimore Cocoa about the Human Interface Guidelines. This was a draft run of a presentation that I will be giving this year at Open West in Utah on May 7.

Thanks to Ed Schmalzle for having me out and letting me present on the tedious document known simply by “the HIG.”

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Introduction to FPDF – Take 2 – DC PHP

On August 14th I visited DC PHP to give my talk about FPDF. I gave a very similar talk to that presented to Baltimore PHP in July. I walked the audience through the creation of a simple invoice using the FPDF PDF creation library. I have uploaded the slides and the sample document that we created so that if you missed it, or you wan’t to walk through it again, you have that opportunity.

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A Transition of Sorts

Over the past month I have been going through a fairly major transition in my career. I have left Physicians Management Group (PMG) in order to join TapFury. I spent just over a year with PMG working with them as a web developer. Leaving wasn’t always the easiest choice, but in the end it was the right decision to make. In leaving PMG allowed me the opportunity to join TapFury, also as a web developer.

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Introduction to FPDF – Baltimore PHP

Baltimore PHP Logo

Baltimore PHP

I spoke at Baltimore PHP and gave a talk introducing the audience to FPDF. FPDF is a completely free library written in PHP for the creation of PDF documents. The talk was title “Introduction to FPDF”, for pretty obvious reasons. If you ever deal with PDF documents it might be a good idea to take a look at FPDF, and my presentation.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

If you are in the Baltimore or Washington D.C. areas you’ll have an opportunity to come out and see me speak in the next month or so. On July 17th I’ll be speaking at Baltimore PHP presenting on FPDF. I will be giving the same talk with DC PHP on August 14th. I will make the slides available online after the Baltimore PHP presentation.

If you are in either area at the appropriate times please come out and say “hey”.

Five Functions You Probably Didn’t Know PHP Had

PHP is a fairly large language, with many functions available to developers, including a few that you probably didn’t know existed. This post is going to take a brief look at various functions in the PHP programming language that are often overlooked, forgotten, or just unknown. Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

    1. get_defined_vars()

Have you ever wanted to see every variable defined in your PHP script. $_GET, $_POST, $_GLOBALS, $_SERVER, user defined. When called every, single, variable, that is defined is returned as an array.

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Creating and Verifying Hashes in PHP, The Easy Way

PHP 5.5.0 was released yesterday, with it came a whole list of new features and functions. One of the new APIs available is the Password Hashing API. This API currently contains four functions, password_get_info(), password_hash(), password_needs_rehash(), and password_verify(). Let’s step through each of these functions.

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Disconnect mysql_connect

As PHP 5.5 closer to public beta and therefore public release it is time to get away from using the MySQL API to connect and interact to MySQL databases. The original MySQL API has been around since before the days of PHP 3 and quickly became the most popular API (due in no small part to it being the only API)¬†used to interact with MySQL databases. While the original MySQL API had it’s time in the sun, it is time to put the extension out to pasture. In the upcoming PHP 5.5 release the original MySQL API will be depreciated.

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